We are happy to announce a new member of the team!

We are pleased to introduce Nadja Kracunovic, a multimedia artist, as our project intern for the next 3 months. She will share her artistic knowledge and skills with the 11m3 Projektraum team.

In her artistic practice, Nadja explores and reflects upon daily fiction, its’ elements, and spaces, focusing on the bodies that are part of it: private, bureaucratic, artist’s, intimate, female, disciplined, as well as her own body; stages in public, and different social constructs through personal narratives, humor, and performative poetry in her performances, objects, and texts.

She performs screams (How to perform a scream? 2023), designs objects for eavesdropping (Eavesdropshop, 2021), performs masculinity while boxing in public spaces (In case of an emergency, 2022), and raises questions about the body’s complexes materializing her own nose and transforming it into the lollipops (Complex on Sale, 2019-20). Some of her works include her own presence like the recently performed Code:O within the Material Girls exhibition in the Irre Space, while others impose new artistic methodologies when it comes to the collective voice, like the video performance Hydra, currently displayed in @msuskopje the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje within the Biennale of Young Artist, in North Macedonia.

She stands behind the experimental, imaginary radio, the program of the art gallery in Weimar, as well as the Crying Institute, a collaborative, multimedia ‘institution’ that deals with crying as a method of artistic research.

More about Nadja’s works: https://www.nadjakracunovic.com/

To join her artistic adventures, one can get in touch with her through the ongoing project Young Serbian Artist Adventures: https://www.nadjakracunovic.com/works/young-serbian-artist-adventures

We are excited about the upcoming months!

Photo: © Carlos Santos

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