A project by Moawya Al Khadra

Gestures have been part of our communication since immemorial times. Gesture recognition is a technology that recognises the hand, tracks its movements, and provides information about its position orientation.

Looking at the artwork from the perspective of innovation, we could point the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Art Therapy.

On the other side, remains the question if Artificial Intelligence will benefit from all the data fed into the machines: will computers learn how to use the data, regardless of who is behind it and how it is collected?

The intervention is in a state of tension: it displays a machine but at the same time, through painting, it speaks to the non-verbal, emotional parts of the human being, which are so often lost in machine contact.

You are invited to interact with the machine and create a drawing that you can print on site.

30.08.22 - 10.09.22